Handling Failed Payments

For orders whose payment status is "failed", you can either:
  • Cancel the payment,
  • Mark the payment as processed, or
  • Restart the payment.
To do so:
  1. Search for the order.
    Use the preset Business query and the query Failed payment. For details, see Searching Orders.
  2. In the result list, click on the order number you want to edit.
    This opens the order detail page.
  3. Click Payment notifications.
    This expands the payment notification section.
    Figure 1. Displaying Failed Payments
    Displaying Failed Payments
  4. In the Action column in the row of the failed payment, select the intended action:
    • To cancel the payment, click the icon.
    • To mark the payment as processed, click the icon.
    • To repeat the payment processing, click the icon.
    This opens a confirmation dialog.
    Figure 2. Setting a payment as processed
    Setting a payment as processed
  5. If applicable, specify a reason for your action, then click OK.
    Otherwise, click Cancel to discard your settings.