Managing Transmissions

The section Transmissions contains a widget to search for all or a subset of transmissions. A transmission is a message with a business context that should be sent or accepted, i.e. to push an order to further applications. This section describes tasks related to transmissions. This includes:

Searching Transmissions

To search for transmissions:
  1. Go to Transmissions.
    This opens the Transmission search widget.
  2. Select the mandatory search parameters Type and Created.
  3. Select the optional search parameters Subtype, Shop/Supplier, Processing status, Type of receiver, and Response status.
  4. Click Find.
    This displays the list of transmissions on the result page. You can page through the results, sort them by columns as well as show and hide certain columns.
    Figure 1. Transmission search form and result page
    Transmission search form and result page

Performing Bulk Actions on Transmissions

Intershop Order Management allows to perform bulk actions on transmissions, such as resending, canceling or marking them as sent. To perform bulk actions on transmissions:
  1. Search for transmissions, see Searching Transmissions.
    A list of available transmissions is displayed on the result page.
  2. Select the transmissions you want to process by using the checkboxes in the corresponding rows.
  3. Open the Choose action drop-down menu and select one of the available bulk actions:
    • Resend: Requests transmissions to be sent or resent
    • Cancel: Requests the sending process to be canceled
    • Mark as sent: Requests marking the transmissions as successfully sent
    A confirmation dialog appears.
  4. Click Send.
    The result of the request is displayed.