Adding Refund Information

For returned products (see Adding Return Confirmation) for which money is refunded manually, you can add a refund information. To do so:

  1. Search for the order.
    Use the preset Business query and the query Not refunded returns. For details, see Searching Orders.
  2. In the result list, click on the order number you want to edit.
    This opens the order detail page.
  3. Open the Returns tab.
    This lists the returns registered for this order.
  4. In the Action column, click the icon.
    This opens the refund information dialog.

    The icon is only available for returns with the refund status open.

    Figure 1. Add refund information

    Add refund information
  5. Specify the refund details as necessary, then click Save.
    Otherwise, click Cancel to discard your settings.