Managing Images of Image Sets

Organizations can assign image sets to classification categories, which in turn propagate these image sets to all products that are subject to the classification. To edit the images passed through via classification images sets:

  1. Locate the product you want to edit.
    For details, see Locating Products.
  2. Click the name of the product you intend to edit.
    The General tab of the Standard Product dialog is displayed.
  3. Lock the product.
    For details, see Locking Products.
  4. Select the intended locale and click Apply.
    This displays the attribute values for the selected locale.
  5. In the Predefined Image Sets section, either specify the path to the intended image file or click the File Select button to browse for the intended image file.
    The Select Image dialog allows for uploading new image files, similar to the behavior described in Uploading Product Images.
  6. Click Apply to save your settings.
    Otherwise, click Reset to discard your changes.