Publishing Products

In data replication environments, catalog managers can publish products from the editing system to the target system on a fine-grained base. To do so:
  1. Locate the products you intend to publish.
    Select the checkboxes for the products on the product list view. Alternatively, perform a search to identify the intended products.
  2. Click the Edit Selected button.
    To publish a complete search result set, click the Edit All button. This displays the list of available batch process tasks.
  3. Select Replicate Products to another Intershop Commerce Management cluster and click Next.
    This displays the list of configured target systems.
  4. Select the intended target system and the locking conflict resolution.
    For details about the locking conflict resolution options, see Object Locking.
  5. Click Finish.
    The selected products are replicated to the selected target system.