Creating Variation Products from Product Variation Types

Variation products can be created automatically based on product variation types. To create variation products from product variation types:

  1. Locate or create the product to act as variation master.
    For details, see Locating Products.
  2. Click the name of the product.
    The General tab of the Standard Product dialog is displayed.
  3. Change to the Variations tab.
    This displays all variation attributes and variation products that have already been defined.
    Note: Variation masters shared from the master repository can be edited only in the master repository.
  4. In the Variation Products section, click New.
  5. Select Create variation products based upon variation types and click Next.
    A list of product variation types is displayed.
  6. Select the variation type and click OK.
    This automatically creates variation products based on the variation model as defined by the selected product variation type.