Enabling or Disabling Product Master Detail Pages

A product master detail page works as a family page which displays variation products as a filterable list. This feature also affects the representation of the master product in a product list / category list.

By default (DBInit), the Product Master Detail Page feature is disabled for inTRONICS channel (B2C) and is enabled for inTRONICS Business (B2B). To enable/disable the feature

  1. Enter a channels Intershop Commerce Management application.
    For example inTRONICS Business.
  2. Go to Preferences | Product Variations.
    The channel preferences page for Product Variations is displayed.
  3. Mark or unmark the List View checkbox and click Apply.
In order to work properly, ensure to include the new search attributes (IsMastered and MasterUUID) into the Solr search index. For general information on how to manage product search attributes, refer to Managing Product Index Attributes. For more detailed information about the new search index attributes, refer to Concept - Catalog Views | 11.1 Solr Search Index Configuration for Catalog View Handling.
Note: If migrating from a previous version, you have to adapt the Product Detail component template. Refer to Guide - 7.9 Migration Product Detail Page for Variants on how to achieve this.

Each time the preference for enabling/disabling Product Master Detail Page is changed, all the channel's product search indexes need to be rebuilt. For general information on how to build a search index, see Building Search Index.