Editing Products in Batch Mode

Certain product management tasks can be performed on multiple products at once via batch processes. Tasks that can be performed in batch mode include
  • Update Standard Product Attributes (Product Status, Availability, Manufacturer, ...)
  • Update/Create Custom Product Attribute
  • Update Product Approval Status
  • Delete Custom Product Attribute
  • Assign Products to Catalog Category
  • Assign Products to Classification Catalog Category
  • Assign Product/Category Links
  • Unassign Product/Category Links
  • Copy Products
  • Delete Products
  • Assign Label
  • Replicate Products to another Intershop Commerce Management cluster
  • Export to CSV
    Note that this export process is not configurable. It exports the contents of the product list view "as is".

For details about editing products in batch mode, see Editing Objects in Batch Mode.