Managing Classifications

Products can be included in classification catalogs. Intershop Commerce Management provides out-of-the-box support for the classification standards ecl@ss and UN/SPSC. In addition, sales organizations can define custom classification catalogs.

To manage classification assignments for a product:

  1. Locate the product for which you want to manage classification assignments.
    For details, see Locating Products.
  2. Click the name of the product.
    The General tab of the Standard Product dialog is displayed.
  3. Change to the Classifications tab.
    This displays assignments to categories of standard classifications (ecl@ss and UN/SPSC) and any custom classification that may have been defined.
  4. To define a category assignment, click Assign.
    Click Unassign to invalidate an assignment. Click on the classification category to edit the assignment settings.
  5. Provide a valid classification code. Alternatively, select a category from the drop-down list and click the Select button. This displays valid sub-categories of the selected category. Continue until you reach a category with no sub-category.
    The list of classification attributes is displayed.
  6. Provide values for classification attributes.
    Note: Classification attributes define a set of attributes which products assigned to a certain category are supposed to have. Only classification attributes for which values are defined are copied onto the product.