Managing Category/Product Links at Product Level

Category links and product links relate the current product to specific catalog categories or to other products in the repository. Category links and product links may have different business semantics and can be used for different purposes. These differences are expressed by different link types. For details about the link types, see Category Links and Product Links.

Category links and product links are managed via the Links tab. This tab lists both "outbound" links and "inbound" links. Outbound links define another product or category as the "relation target" ("<link type> for"), whereas inbound links make the current product the "relation target" of another product or category ("is <link type> of").

The link type selection is divided into two columns: The left one shows the outbound links, the right one shows the inbound links. Selecting a link type displays the corresponding link list that shows the actual links. Multiple link lists are grouped by link types, where outbound links precede inbound links of the same type.

Outbound category/product links can be sorted manually.