Standard Product Attributes

The following standard attributes are available for sales channel products.

Table 1. Standard Product Attributes
Name Description Technical Name
Language For localized attributes, attribute values are defined relative to a locale. When defining an attribute value, select the locale first to which the value applies. Note that display names for attributes are defined using the product attribute group mechanism. not matchable
Supplier The supplier of the product supplierName
Supplier Product ID The internal product ID of the supplier supplierSKU
Manufacturer The manufacturer of the product manufacturerName
Manufacturer Product ID The internal product ID of the manufacturer manufacturerSKU
Base Unit (BU) The base unit of the product (e.g., pcs., kg, etc.)

Purely informative value

Packing Unit (PU) The unit in which the product is packed and sold (e.g., box, barrel, palette, etc.)

This unit is the base for minimum and maximum order quantity as well as for step quantity.

Note: Do not maintain a packing unit (PU) at variation master products.
Ratio BU/PU The ratio of product base units per packing unit.

Purely informative value.

  • Base unit: pcs.
  • Packing unit: box
  • Ratio BU/PU: 4

    Meaning: The shop sells the product in boxes of 4 pcs. each.

EAN Code The EAN code of the product EANCode
Minimum Order Quantity The minimum quantity in which the product can be ordered

Note that this value must be lower than the smallest maximum number of line items defined for a shopping cart, see Managing Shopping Cart Preferences).

not matchable
Maximum Order Quantity The maximum quantity in which the product can be ordered not matchable
Step Quantity The order step quantity in which the product can be ordered not matchable
Freight Class The freight class to which the product is assigned

Freight classes are associated with one or more shipping methods and destination regions. For details, see Managing Freight Classes.

FreightClassID, e.g.
  • ANY (Ground or air parcel),
  • ANYG (Ground only parcel),
  • DIGITALDELIVERY (Digital Delivery),
  • MED (Media),
  • SHPTRUCK (Truck only).
Ready for Shipment The time (from-to in days) it takes to have the product ready for shipping after the order has been received

Overwrites the channel default value, see Managing Shipping Settings.

Note: To define localizable display names for attributes, the product attribute group mechanism is used. For details, see Managing Product Attribute Groups.