Product Search

Products can be searched by a simple search, an advanced search or a classification search.

  • Simple search

    The simple search mask allows you to search for a product using a single keyword. It searches the product name and ID in each catalog for the matching keyword.

  • Advanced search

    Using the advanced search, you can increase the accuracy of your searches by specifying the exact search criteria. For example, you can search for a specific product name, product ID, manufacturer name or price range.

  • Classification search

    The classification search is a "special case" advanced search. It is primarily intended to perform searches using specific classification attributes as search criteria, see Classification Attributes.

For an overview of common search options, see General Search Options.

Note: For certain tasks that are typically applied to multiple products (e.g., updating custom attributes or deleting products), it is possible to process all products of the result set in batch mode.