Product Bundles and Retail Sets

A product bundle represents a group of products that is offered to customers with an own SKU and an overall price. The bundle is typically designed to be ordered as a whole and presented in the storefront as a single item. The products that are part of the bundle (referred to as bundled products) can be product bundles themselves. Product bundles can be imported and exported like standard products.

A retail set is similar to a product bundle. A retail set combines products to be presented together on the same storefront page, as a group of products. Typically, all products can be added to the basket with a single click. Unlike product bundles, however, retail sets do not have an overall price. Hence, when ordering all products belonging to a retail set, the overall price is calculated from the prices of the individual retail set products. The products that are part of a retail set can be retail sets themselves. Retail sets can be imported or exported like standard products.