Product Lifecycle

Two special attributes are available to manage the product lifecycle.

  • The last order date defines the latest point in time at which a product can be ordered. The product remains visible in the storefront, but cannot be added to the basket anymore.

  • The end-of-life date has the same effect. It can be used for additional purposes, e.g., to indicate when support for a product expires. Note that the end-of-life date (if defined) has to follow the last order date.

Product lifecycle definitions can be used as advanced search parameters.

Tip: Product bundles (see Product Bundles and Retail Sets) and product variation masters (see Product Variations and Product Variation Types) can inherit the last order date and the end-of-life date from the bundled products or variation products they contain. When using the inheritance mechanism, last order date/end-of-life date of the product bundle or variation master is automatically set to the earliest last order date/end-of-life date set for one of the contained products. Alternatively, the last order date/end-of-life date can be set manually for product bundles or variation masters.