Product History

All changes within a product repository are logged by the system and can be viewed in a product history. The product history is used to:

  • Log changes in the repository you are currently working in (master or channel repository)

  • Log changes in a syndication source directory

    This can be the master repository of the current organization or a repository of the parent organization. For details about possible sources for syndication, see Product Syndication.

Changes are tracked when a product is modified:

  • In Intershop Commerce Management

  • During product syndication and synchronization processes

  • During product batch processes

The product history provides information about added products, updated products, and deleted products. For updated products, update details are provided, such as changed attributes (including old and new attribute values), added or deleted attributes, changes to attachments, product links, content relations, product variations, or product bundles.

Each product history entry includes the user and the modification date. Preferences can be set to activate the product history feature and to configure how long changes are preserved in the product history. The product history can be filtered by various criteria, such as user or date.