Product Attribute Groups

Standard and custom attributes of a product can be assigned to product attribute groups. Product attribute groups provide a powerful mechanism to impose a meta-structure on large and complex sets of attributes. Product attribute groups can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Managing attribute mapping rules in synchronization processes

    Attribute mapping rules for synchronization processes can be based on attribute groups. If an attribute group is selected, all attributes that are part of this group are copied 1:1.

  • Providing localizable attribute names

    When defining the attributes that should belong to an attribute group, you provide an attribute name and an ID. The attribute name is used for display purposes. The ID is matched by the system against standard and product attributes in order to retrieve the respective attribute value. If the attribute values are localized as well, the value for the respective locale is retrieved. For example, if the current locale of a user is German (de_DE), the system retrieves the attribute name for German as defined in the attribute group, and the attribute value for German as defined on the product to be displayed.

For details on working with product attribute groups, see Managing Product Attribute Groups.