Basic Product Features

The following list summarizes basic product features:

  • General Product Information

    Each product contains a name and a unique product ID for identification purposes within the system.

  • Product Attributes

    There are two attribute types: Standard attributes and custom attributes. Standard attributes apply to all products. Custom attributes can be used to define attributes specific to a certain product. Product attributes can be localized. Localizable attributes define attribute values relative to a locale (or language).

    Note: Localizable attribute names are defined using the product attribute group mechanism. For details, see Product Attribute Groups.
    Tip: If, e.g., a product has no localized value for a custom attribute, the respective locale will not hold a search field for this attribute. This means searching for an empty field (<<none>>) will not work in such a case, since the field does not exist at all. For details about search options, see General Search Options.
  • Category Assignments

    A product can be assigned to multiple catalog categories. Using advanced search, you can find all products currently assigned or not assigned to a catalog category. In addition, each product can be assigned to standard classification catalogs (such as ecl@ss or UN/SPSC) or custom classification catalogs.

  • Attachments

    Additional product-related content, such as product specifications, user manuals, and brochures or info sheets can be linked to each product for the buyers to view. Before attachments can be added, the respective content needs to be uploaded into a content directory, which can then be browsed when defining attachments. For information on creating content directories and uploading static content, see Catalog Import and Export: Concepts.