Recycle Bin

The recycle bin is a container to temporarily keep products after they have been deleted from a repository. Products kept in the recycle bin can be restored, preserving all attributes including category assignments, assignments to product bundles, and assignments to variation masters.

The behavior of the recycle bin, hence the behavior of the product deletion process, is controlled by recycle bin preferences. The recycle bin preferences are set in the master catalog area of sales or partner organizations and offer the following possibilities:

  • Recycle Bin Disabled

    If the recycle bin has been disabled, products are deleted permanently from the product list view. Deletion is not propagated. Therefore, products in other repositories which have been derived from the current product via syndication are not affected.

  • Recycle Bin Enabled, Propagation of Deletion

    If you opt for propagating the deletion, not only the current product is moved to the recycle bin, but also all products derived from the current product in other repositories. Hence they are no longer visible in the storefront.

  • Recycle Bin Enabled, Without Propagation of Deletion

    If you opt against propagating the deletion to derived products, the syndication relation to the current product is deleted but the derived products are retained.

Note: In case you want to restore a product which has been derived from another product via syndication, make sure this product is contained in the source repository. You cannot restore a product derived from a product which is currently in the recycle bin as well. In this case, restore the source product first.

When deleting a product which is a variation master, the associated variation products are not deleted as well. Likewise, deleting a product bundle does not delete the products which are part of this bundle.