Promotion Codes (Coupons)

Promotions can either just define a discount - they are available to all customers, or they can require the customer to enter a promotion code, which restricts them to customers in possession of the valid code.

It is up to the sales organization to propagate the codes to the promotion target group, be it individual users or user groups, in a way the organization considers appropriate. Note that any user who is able to provide the code within the promotion's activation period and before the coupon's expiration date will benefit from the promotion.

There are two ways of assigning coupons to a promotion:

  • By defining a single coupon

    Each customer uses the same code to redeem the coupon.

    For details, see Enabling Promotion Codes for Promotions.

  • By defining promotion code groups

    You can define as many coupon codes for the promotion as you need for the members of your target group. Each customer will have its own unique code. The codes can be created manually, generated automatically following a specific pattern for the code, or imported from an external source (CSV file). Optionally, you can exclude ambiguous, potentially misleading characters from generated promotion codes.

    For details, see Creating Promotion Code Groups.