Promotion Priorities

An item or an order may trigger more than one promotion at the same time. In this case, a ranking mechanism determines in which order promotions will apply. The promotion rank also determines which promotion's dynamic message will be shown on the basket page, if there is more than one promotion that meets the requirements for display.

The promotion priority is only considered if promotions of the same type would otherwise be ranked equally.

A promotion has either the default priority (depending on the promotion type) or a user-defined one.

The higher the value you enter in the Specify Priority field, the higher is the promotion's priority. A value of 0 is considered the lowest priority.

The following table shows the default priorities for the different promotions types, sorted from highest to lowest:

Table 1. Default Promotion Ranks
Rank Value Promotion Type
1,100 Cashback Redemption
1,000 Item Target Price
900 Item Percentage Off
800 Item Value Off
700 Shipping Target Price
600 Shipping Percentage Off
500 Shipping Value Off
400 Order Percentage Off
300 Order Value Off
200 Free Gift
100 Hidden Gift
Tip: The default priority values for the different promotion types can be configured in the promotion preferences for the management context, see Managing Promotion Preferences at Channel Level.