Campaign / Promotion Publication

For campaigns and promotions to become effective, they must be enabled. This applies to all campaigns and promotions, regardless of the conditions or discounts they define.

If you are working in a data replication environment, changes are made on a source (editing) system first and are transferred to a target (live) system automatically at regular intervals, usually during times of low server load, e.g., during the night.

However, you can also transfer the changes you made in a campaign or promotion manually by publishing the campaign or promotion.

Publishing a campaign or promotion will replicate all changes you made to it, including the following related objects:

  • Promotions assigned to a campaign

  • Promotion code groups/promotion codes assigned to a promotion

  • Campaign/promotion messaging data, i.e., texts and associated graphics etc.

  • Assigned content assets (page variants, components) if their parent objects exist in the target system

  • Attached files

Note: The publication will fail if you try to publish a campaign/promotion with an object assignment that would be invalid (because of a missing object) in the target system. Furthermore, object deletions are not propagated to the target system, that is, if you delete an associated object in the source system, the object will remain in the target system after the publication.

For step-by-step instructions on publishing campaigns, see Publishing Campaigns.

For step-by-step instructions on publishing promotions, see Publishing Promotions.