A/B Tests Management

Note: The tasks described in this section are performed in the context of an application and require the access privilege "Marketing Manager" for the application.

When working with A/B tests, be aware of the following issues:

  • The control group users behave like users that are not assigned to the A/B test. The visibility of their content is always based on the standard visibility options, irrespective of the A/B test properties or its status. The content assigned to this group must therefore behave like any other site content, with the only difference that it is not visible to the other A/B test groups.

  • Consider reviewing the user groups and target groups of the selected content, as they may interfere with the A/B test's target groups.

  • Be aware that during A/B tests, page visits are counted across all applications of the sales channel. Hence, make sure that the test content is assigned and visible in all applications of the sales channel.

  • Make sure that the start/end/publishing times of the selected content match the start and end times of the A/B test.

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