Creating A/B Test

To create an A/B Test:
  1. Select the management context from the context selection box, then select Marketing | A/B Tests.
    This displays the A/B Tests manager.
  2. Click New, and enter all required information.
    A form for entering general A/B test properties is displayed. Enter the information as described in the following table:
    Table 1. General A/B Test Properties
    Property Description
    name, description Enter a name and a descriptive text for the new test. The name will be used throughout Intershop Commerce Management to refer to the new test.
    start/end date Specify a start and end date/time for the test.
    maximum participants allowed Optional. Allows you to cap the maximum number of participants for the test. If specified, the test will be concluded when the number of participants has been reached regardless of the test's end date.
    ratio of user participation Specifies the percentage of customers who take part in the test. Customers who do not take part in the test get the same content as the control group.
    enabled Select this checkbox to activate the A/B test. Newly created tests are deactivated by default.
  3. Click Apply to create the new test.
    The new A/B test is created and the details view is displayed. To finish creating the new A/B test, continue with the following tasks:
You can now manage test and target groups, discounts and content for the test. To enable the test, select the Enabled check box.