Online Marketing Management: Concepts

In Intershop Commerce Management, "online marketing" summarizes traditional marketing tools like promotions and promotional codes as well as online marketing functions. These include support for several search engine optimization and marketing tasks like setting SEO meta tag attributes, URL redirecting, or data feed generation.

The main tasks involved in managing online marketing activities are:

  • Managing Promotions and Promotion Codes

    Promotions are one of the basic online marketing ressources. A promotion defines a discount and determines a target group to which the discount is made available. Promotions can be based on coupons, which customers redeem by supplying the coupon code when placing an order. Furthermore, promotions can be associated with content components via content relations.

    For details, see Promotions and Campaigns.

  • Managing Gift Cards/Gift Certificates

    Gift cards and gift certificates are products of a special type. They can be bought by customers in the storefront either digitally ("gift certificates") or physically ("gift cards").

    For details, see Gift Cards and Gift Certificates.

  • Managing A/B Tests

    A/B tests provide a simple and powerful ressource to test the effect that different promotions have on customer activity in the storefront. For example, you may want to set up two identical promotions, then change a single parameter in one of them. You can then use A/B testing to find out how the change affects customer behavior. Do customers add more products to their baskets, or does the number of orders increase?

    For details, see A/B Tests.

  • Managing Affiliate Partners

    Users entering the sales channel storefront from an affiliate partner site are automatically assigned to a special customer segment. The system can track the amount of orders and the revenue generated through an affiliate partner site.

    For details, see Affiliate Partners.

  • Managing SEO Features

    Intershop Commerce Management supports Rich Snippets, locale-specific links and, for catalog categories, "rich content" descriptions. These techniques help web search engines to index your content better and to present it more prominently in search results.

    For details, see Search Engine Optimization.

    Intershop Commerce Management also integrates Google Tag Manager using a dedicated service. For details, see Google Tag Manager.

  • Managing Online Marketing Services

    Intershop Online Marketing offers additional services that help you to promote your e-commerce initiatives. Intershop Commerce Management supports services like short links and redirect URLs, product data feed generation and newsletter marketing.

    For details, see Short Links and Redirect URLs, Product Data Feeds and Newsletter Marketing.