Gift Cards and Gift Certificates

Gift cards and gift certificates are products of a special type. Customers can buy gift cards and gift certificates in the storefront and give them to other customers, who are supposed to redeem them. To this end, gift cards must be enabled as a specific payment method, see Payment Methods: Concepts.

  • Gift Cards

    A gift card is a physical product, which is shipped to the customer. Each card must have a PIN and a code, which are usually printed directly on the card. PIN and code are also displayed on the checkout receipt page, but are not included in the order confirmation e-mail.

    Both PIN and code are required to use the card as a payment instrument.

  • Gift Certificates

    A gift certificate is a digital product. It does not have a PIN. The code required to redeem it is included in the gift certificate confirmation e-mail, which is sent to the customer after the checkout is completed.