Promotion Import and Export

Intershop Commerce Management can:

  • Import and export promotions from/to XML files,

  • Import and export promotion codes from/to CSV files, and

  • Import and export promotion code groups from/to XML files.

The promotion import supports the following data:

  • Promotion settings, including ID, name, description, activation time, currency, priority/ranking, calculation type, combination rule settings, budget configuration, campaign settings, promotion code configuration, messages

  • Assignments to applications, target groups (customer segments, affiliate partners), promotion code groups, campaigns, content (page variants, components)

  • Discount rules (discount conditions, discount actions)

Note: The promotion export/import does not support assignments to specific customers as a target group.

As opposed to the promotion import and the import/export of promotion codes and promotion code groups, the promotion export is based on individual configurations or "scenarios". A configuration stores all properties that the export processes need to have to successfully complete the corresponding task. Multiple configurations can be created, stored and executed, as required by the systems that consume the (export) data later on. Properties stored by configurations include:

Table 1. Promotion export configuration
Configuration Data Description
General Includes name, ID, description and export file name.
Scheduling Specifies whether the export process based on the current configuration is executed manually or via an automated job at regular intervals.
Promotions Specifies whether promotions should be included dynamically based on specific properties (last changes, activity status, specific start date/end date) or statically by assigning them directly.

For details about managing promotion data exports/imports, see Promotion Data Import and Export.