Enabling Promotion Codes for Promotions

This task can be accomplished on the Promotion Code tab of the promotion's detail view:

  1. Select the channel from the context selection box, then select Marketing | Promotions.
    This displays the list of all promotions in the current sales channel.
  2. Click the name of a promotion to view its details.
    This opens the General tab of the detail view.
  3. Select the Promotion Code tab.
    The Promotion Code tab is displayed.
  4. Select the Coupon Code Required check box and click Apply.
    The Promotion Code Configuration section is displayed.
  5. Configure single or multiple promotion code use, then click Apply.
    A promotion can be set up with only a single promotion code that is valid for all customers, or with individual promotion codes for each customer. Multiple promotion codes are assigned to promotions via promotion code groups. Select one of the two options and enter the required information as described in the following table:
    Table 1. Configuring Promotion Code Usage
    Option Description
    use single promotion code Enter the single promotion code you want to distribute among your target group. Specify how often you want the promotion code to be redeemable both by a single customer and during the entire promotion.
    Note: In B2B scenarios, Promotion Code Reuse per Customer refers to actual B2B customers, not to individual users of a customer.
    use promotion code group(s) Select this option if you want to create and assign promotion code groups to your promotion. For details, see Creating Promotion Code Groups.
  6. Click Apply to save your changes.