Managing Promotion Codes

Managing promotion codes comprises the following tasks:

  • Specifying a target group for a code group

    Each code group needs a target group. You can either use the target group of the promotion the code group is assigned to or you can define a target group specifically for a code group:

    Note: To be able to assign customer segments as a target group, at least one segmentation service must be configured for the sales channel, see Customer Segments.
  • Associating code groups with promotions

    After creating codes, you need to tell a promotion to accept the codes for redemption. This is done by associating the containing code group with one or more promotions:

  • Deactivating and deleting promotion codes

    After some time running a promotion you may want to delete codes that are already redeemed by customers to clean up your system.

    Also, in case of fraud or any other misuse of promotion codes in circulation, you might want to quickly invalidate either all or some of the distributed codes.

    To deactivate or delete codes, you have two options: