Uploading Promotion Attachments

To upload attachments for a promotion, do the following:
  1. Select the channel from the context selection box, then select Marketing | Promotion Attachment Upload.
    This displays the promotion attachment upload page.
  2. Select the storefront language you wish to upload files for, then click Apply.
  3. In the Directories section of the page, manage the directory structure for your attachment files.
    The current directory structure is displayed as a tree. Below the Promotion Attachments root directory you may create, rename, and delete directories as you wish in order to organize your files.
  4. In the Attachments section of the page, manage the contents of a single directory.
    The Attachments section displays the contents of the currently highlighted directory in the directory tree above. To change into another directory, click the name of the directory in the tree. Use the Name field and the Search button to narrow the contents of the file list.
  5. To upload a file to the server, click Choose File, locate the file you wish to upload in the displayed dialog, then click Upload.
    The file is uploaded to the server and displayed in the file list.
    Note: Intershop Commerce Management checks whether extensions of files to be uploaded as promotion attachments correspond to the preconfigured white list and match the content associated with the file extensions. The default file extensions of attachments are pdf, txt, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, png, bmp, webp, avif, svg, ico, tif, tiff, zip.