Edit Promotions in Batch Mode

Certain promotion management tasks can be performed on multiple promotions at once via batch processes. Tasks that can be performed in batch mode include:
  • Assign Promotions to Target Group - Affiliates
  • Assign Promotions to Target Group - Customer Segments
  • Assign Promotions to Target Group - Customers
  • Delete Promotions
  • Export Promotions

    Note that this batch process reuses the promotion export as described in Promotion Data Import and Export.

To edit promotions in batch mode:

  1. Select the channel from the context selection box, then select Marketing | Promotions.
    This displays the list of all promotions in the current sales channel.
  2. Locate the promotions you want to edit.
    Select the checkboxes for the promotions on the promotion list view and click the Edit Selected button. Alternatively, perform a search and click the Edit All button to apply edits to the search result.
  3. Select the task and click Next.
    This starts different sequences depending on the task to be performed.
    Note: Depending on the type and the configuration of the Intershop Commerce Management system and the amount of data to be changed, a bulk operation (e.g., batch processes, import & export processes, audit reports) may cause negative effects on the system performance or the data consistency. Contact your Intershop Commerce Management system administrator before triggering such a bulk operation.
    Note: Information about promotions as well as promotion codes are finally stored as special payment information at the order. Depending on your business model, Intershop Commerce Management may not be the data-maintaining system. If the order was e.g., exported to an ERP System and therefore deleted in Intershop Commerce Management, refer to the data-maintaing system to access promotion information for certain orders.