Editing Product Attribute Groups

To modify an existing product attribute group:

  1. Select the intended management context from the context selection box, then select Catalogs | Product Attribute Groups.
    This displays a list of all product attribute groups currently defined for the current context.
  2. Click the name of the attribute group you want to edit.

    This opens the detail page of the product attribute group.

    Below the General tab you can adjust the Name, ID, and Description of the product attribute group. Furthermore, you can check the Available via REST checkbox to make the product attribute group and all contained attributes retrievable via the Product and Category REST API, see Overview - Intershop Commerce Management REST API for details.
    Note: The Available via REST checkbox is available on channel level, but not for master product data on organization level.

    Below the Attributes tab you can assign new attributes to the product attributes group or remove them.

  3. Edit the details for the attribute group as required.
  4. Click Apply to save your settings.
    Otherwise, click Reset to discard your changes.