Classification Search

The classification search is a "special case" advanced search. It is primarily intended to perform searches using specific classification attributes as search criteria, see Classification Attributes.

To use the Classification Search:

  1. Click Switch to Advanced Search.
  2. Click Classification Search.
  3. Select a classification catalog and click Apply.
  4. Click Add in the classification attribute section.
    This displays the classification categories.
  5. Select the classification category that is assigned the intended classification attribute.
    You can either browse the classification tree view, select the intended category and click Apply, or directly specify the corresponding classification code and click OK. This displays the attributes assigned to the selected category below the tree view.
  6. Select the intended classification attribute.
    Use the corresponding checkbox, and click OK in the attributes section. This returns you to the Classification Search dialog.
  7. Specify additional search criteria as necessary.
    Select whether to search for products that have defined the intended attribute or for those that have not. In addition, you can restrict the search to the selected classification category and define the search result sorting.
  8. Click Find.
    The search result is displayed in a list view.