About Intershop Order Management

The Intershop Order Management is an Intershop application designed to act as a middleware between all systems that make up your e-commerce environment - one or multiple online shops, one or multiple suppliers, and service providers.

Figure 1. Intershop Order Management overview
Intershop Order Management overview

In broad strokes, the Intershop Order Management System:

  • Receives orders from online shops,

  • Checks which supplier can fulfill the orders or parts of them,

  • Splits and combines orders as necessary,

  • Handles stock availability, payment, shipment etc. with the corresponding service providers.

The Intershop Order Management handles and processes most of the information automatically. In addition, it is designed to allow merchants to track and manage the order and its different statuses (for instance, payment statuses), and to provide customers all order-related information upon their request. To this end, the IOM features the Order Management Tool as a frontend.

About the Order Management Tool

This online help introduces the Order Management Tool. The Order Management Tool is the frontend of the Intershop Order Management used by the operators of the merchant in order to perform the following tasks related to order management:

  • Contact center agent

    Contact center agents use the Order Management Tool to retrieve all order-related information upon customers' requests.

  • Warehouse operator

    Warehouse operators use the Order Management Tool to capture returns.

  • Business manager

    Merchants' business managers use the Order Management Tool to track orders.

Tip: For more details about Intershop Order Management concepts, refer to Intershop Order Management Concepts.

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