Managing Order Notification Preferences

To manage preferences for the order notification agent:
  1. Select the management context from the context selection box, then select Preferences.
    This displays the Preferences overview page.
  2. Select Order Notification.
    The details page is displayed.
  3. Provide an E-mail From address, a subject and a valid e-mail template.
  4. Click Apply.
Note: The e-mail template has to be uploaded into the Intershop Commerce Management file system by your system administrator. Also, the system administrator has to configure the SMTP server so that e-mail notifications can be sent. For setting product attachments, see Managing Product Attachments. Note that a basket may hold multiple products, each with such an attachment. If the overall attachment size exceeds 10 MB, the attachments will not be added but linked instead. Depending on the e-mail regulations of the receiver, e-mails with attachments might not be transmitted.
Tip: If necessary, the file size restriction can be adjusted within the Order Creation Handler. For more information, refer to Recipe: Replace an Existing Order Creation Handler.