Managing CAPTCHA Usage

Intershop Commerce Management is prepared to use CAPTCHAs in order to prevent automated software from filling out storefront forms. Channel administrators can select the storefront features for which CAPTCHAs are to be enabled.
Note: The general availability of a CAPTCHA service is controlled via the services configuration, see Services Management.
  1. Select the management context from the context selection box, then select Preferences.
    This displays the Preferences overview page.
  2. Select CAPTCHAs.
    The details page is displayed.
  3. Select the checkbox(es) for the intended storefront features.
    In the reference storefront implementation, CAPTCHAs are available for the following features:
    • Redemption of gift cards & gift certificates

    • Registration

    • E-mail a friend

    • Forgot password

    • E-mail shopping cart

    • Contact us

    To disable CAPTCHAs for a feature, deselect the corresponding checkbox.
  4. Click Apply to save your settings.
    Otherwise, click Reset to discard your changes.