SEO-Specific Tags

Product pages and catalog pages of sales channels include specific title and meta tags that optimize Intershop Commerce Management-based storefront pages for web search engines. The title and meta tag information (page title, meta description and meta keywords) is stored as attributes with products, catalogs and categories. For details, see SEO Meta Tag Attributes.

If required, Intershop Commerce Management can add specific noindex and nofollow tags to storefront pages. These tags prevent search engine robots from indexing pages and from following links on them, respectively. These tags can be set for product pages and category pages as part of catalog/product management, and for page variants as part of content management. Be aware that selecting this option for page variants overrides any settings made for products or categories.

For details about managing SEO-specific attributes for products and categories, see Managing SEO Attributes for Product Pages and Managing SEO Features for Catalogs and Categories.

For details about setting noindex and nofollow for page variants, see Setting Page Variant SEO Options.