Creating Coupons for Sending to a Customer

This section provides information on creating coupons and sending them via e-mail.

Note: For information on how to create and apply coupons to orders immediately, see Redeeming Coupons.
Note: Sending coupons via e-mail is only possible if your administrator has defined an e-mail service provider in the configuration.

Coupons entitle customers to get the benefit of a specific promotion if all defined conditions are met.

While resolving a customer's request in a contact session (see Starting a Contact Session), you may need to create a new customer-specific coupon for an existing promotion and have it sent to the customer.

For information about creating and managing promotions, refer to the Intershop Commerce Management online help – Promotion Management.

To create a new coupon:

  1. Start (if not already running) the contact session, see Starting a Contact Session
  2. Open the Coupons tab.
  3. Select the promotion for which you want to create a coupon.
    Note: The promotion select box displays only promotions set up accordingly in Intershop Commerce Management.
    Figure 1. Selecting a coupon-based promotion
    Selecting a coupon-based promotion
  4. Click Create Coupon.
    The according coupon is generated immediately and displayed in the list.
  5. Click e-mail icon in the Action column of the coupon section.
    This submits the generated coupon to the customer via e-mail.
    Figure 2. Sending a generated coupon via e-mail
    Sending a generated coupon via e-mail
    Tip: Once a coupon is sent out, you can still re-submit it using e-mail icon.