Getting Started

Welcome to the online help for the Intershop Customer Engagement Center

The Intershop Customer Engagement Center provides basic features designed to help merchants establishing and managing personal contact with their customers. It integrates multiple communication channels that offer one-to-one contact, and provides customers with a quick and easy way of obtaining information and getting help.

The call center agent is the main actor in the Intershop Customer Engagement Center. The call center agent handles customer service requests via multiple communication channels, and acts and reacts according to a customer's needs with respect to, for example, orders, shipping or payment matters.

The user guide is divided into the following chapters:
  • Getting Started

    This section provides general information about the Intershop Customer Engagement Center. Moreover, it covers the topics of access, navigation and interaction with customers.

  • Contact Sessions

    This section explains how to search for customers, how to start/end a contact session and storefront CoBrowsing.

  • Creating Coupons for Sending to a Customer

    This section provides information on creating coupons and sending them via e-mail.

  • Managing Orders

    This section provides instructions for managing orders.

  • References

    This section provides a glossary explaining Intershop Customer Engagement Center concepts.

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