Storefront CoBrowsing

While resolving a customer's request in a contact session (see Starting a Contact Session), you may need to browse the sales channel storefront on behalf of the customer. To this end, you can start a "CoBrowsing" storefront session.

As the call center agent, you are automatically logged in to the storefront using the customer's credentials. This way, you are able to see the catalogs and products, prices, promotions etc. as the customer.

Tip: Storefront CoBrowsing may also be helpful if a customer asks for some guidance or help with the storefront application.

To start a CoBrowsing storefront session:

  1. Start (if not already running) the contact session, see Starting a Contact Session
  2. Click the link.
    Figure 1. The CoBrowse link on the customer overview page.
    Selecting a coupon-based promotion
    This opens the sales channel's storefront using the customer's credentials in a new browser tab.