Batch Processes

Generally, batch processing refers to the bundled processing of mass data. In Intershop Commerce Management, certain object management tasks can be performed on multiple objects at once via batch processes.

Objects that can be subject to batch processes include products as well as pages, includes, page variants and components.

The general approach for performing batch processes is similar for all object types. Be aware, however, that the set of tasks that can be performed in batch mode differs depending on the object type.

Note: Depending on the type and the configuration of the Intershop Commerce Management system and the amount of data to be changed, a bulk operation (e.g., batch processes, import and export processes, audit reports) may cause negative effects on the system performance or the data consistency. Contact your Intershop Commerce Management system administrator before triggering a bulk operation.

For details about performing batch processes, see Editing Objects in Batch Mode.