Audit Report Management: Concept

The Audit Report is a Intershop Commerce Management feature (under Mass Data section) that captures and generates event/object reports for activities in all management contexts (organization, channel and application).

Reports and logs of shop events (create, update and delete) are captured for every object providing a transparent view of shop activity. By configuring the filters you can customize the criteria used to generate the report. Generate a report based on user-initiated Intershop Commerce Management activity by means of the following functionality:

  • Search

    Search for user activity by management context, User ID, object type, date range and transaction type.

  • Sort

    Sort reports by User ID to see object activity undertaken by a particular user. As well you can sort reports by data range, that is, return object activity in ascending or descending update date.

  • Object Results

    Generate a report for a single object up to two years from the occurrence of the event.

For details about audit report generation, export etc., see Audit Report Management.