Login Types

Depending on the use case, different data may be required for customer registration or user creation in the storefront.

Intershop Commerce Management therefore allows to choose between two login types. Those determine the value that should be used as username for registered private customers or users of business customers when they want to sign in to the storefront.

The login type preference is related to storefront users only. It does not apply to Intershop Commerce Management users.

The following preferences are available:

Login Type Description
e-mail The user's e-mail address is used as login. Hence, during the registration or user creation only the e-mail must be provided.
username The explicitly provided username is used as login. Hence, during the registration or user creation both the e-mail address and username must be provided.

This preference allows to register different users that have the same e-mail address but different usernames.

The username must be unique for the given channel.

The following diagram shows use cases in which the login type preference should be taken into account:
Figure 1. Use Cases for Login Preferences
Use Cases for Login Preferences
Note: Changing the login type affects several pages in Intershop Commerce Management and also storefront pages and their behavior. For production usage it is recommended to setup the login type preference before the channel gets operational and not to change it afterwards.

For information on how to change the login type, see Managing Login Preferences.