Component Manager

The Component Manager displays all available components in a list view. Using the Component Manager, content managers can search for the name or content of components of a specific group or type. If necessary, the search can be narrowed to find components with specific attributes, parameters, slots, publishing periods or object assignments using the advanced search.

From the component list, content managers can create new components or delete components using the New and Delete buttons. They can lock components for editing () or copy components ().

In addition, content managers can trigger a number of mass-data operations using the Edit All or Edit Selected buttons. The available actions include setting the publishing period, creating assignments to other components, assigning a label or deleting the components.

The component detail view is divided into four tabs:

  • Content: displays the configurable parameters and the content components assigned to the component (as provided by the type).

  • Assignments: lists the assignment of the component to page variants, components, includes, page templates or component templates (as provided by the type).

  • Properties: displays general component settings like locale, name, ID, template, publishing status and period.

  • Labels: lists all labels assigned to the component.

Clicking the name of a component in the list view opens the Content tab of the detail view. Clicking the publishing date opens the Properties tab of the detail view.