Content Templates

This section gives a high-level overview of the options introduced with templating. It illustrates the general approach and the benefit of using page or component templates.

Figure 1. Template usage
Template usage
  • On development time, a pagelet model is created in Intershop Studio. This model defines a page variant type with three slots. After system deployment, this type is available in Intershop Commerce Management for content managers.

  • In Intershop Commerce Management, a content manager creates a page template based on this page variant type. Slot 1 is filled with a component, which cannot be modified in page variants derived from this template. Slot 2 is passed forward as editing area using a placeholder. Slot 3 is filled with a component template that contains two slots, which are also forwarded as editing areas using placeholders.

  • Based on this page template, a content manager creates a page variant that provides three editable areas.