Content Overview

The Content Overview shows overall content asset statistics and provides assistance in identifying and correcting missing data. The page is divided into two sections: Content Overview and Content Completeness, which are described below.

To display the Content Overview:

  1. Select the channel from the context selection box.
    This opens the navigation bar of the channel.
  2. In the navigation bar, select Content | Content Overview.
    This displays the overview page.
  3. Click the Update button to refresh the displayed content.
    This retrieves the current information.
    Note: The Update button is only available on editing systems within data replication environments, see Data Replication.
Note: The presented information can be compiled automatically by a dedicated scheduled job (Update Shop Statistics). Be aware that the execution of this job may impact the overall performance of the system. For more detailed information about updating the Content Overview, refer to Concept - CMS - Completeness Checks | 3 User Interface. Ask your system administrator to configure this job.

Content Asset Overview

The Content Overview section displays statistical information about content objects, including

  • Number of Pages

  • Number of Page Variants

  • Number of Page Templates

  • Number of Components

  • Number of Component Templates

  • Number of Includes

  • Number of View Contexts

Clicking an overview entry displays the queried data (i.e., the overview element) in its corresponding manager. In the manager's list view, you can now perform a search to narrow the result.

Content Completeness

The Content Completeness section can display, based on the selected language, reports on missing mandatory configuration parameters and/or empty slots/placeholders, individually compiled for

  • Pages

  • Page Variants

  • Page Templates

  • Components

  • Component Templates

  • Includes

  • View Contexts

Clicking an object-type-specific issue entry opens a result list that summarizes the corresponding objects with missing data.

Clicking an individual object in the result list opens it in its corresponding detail view, allowing for adding/editing the required data.

Note: The Content Completeness check in the sales channel includes all shared master content objects.

For details about editing pages, see Editing Pages.

For details about editing page variants, see Editing Page Variants.

For details about editing page templates, see Editing Page Templates.

For details about editing components, see Editing Components.

For details about editing component templates, see Editing Component Templates.

For details about editing includes, see Editing Includes.

For details about editing view contexts, see Editing View Contexts.