Roles and Tasks

Content management, i.e., managing the content assets listed above, involves the following roles: content manager, content editor, content viewer and content preference manager.

  • Content managers are responsible for creating and modifying page templates and component templates as well as for actually managing the content, that is they create, edit, combine, etc. the pages, page variants, components, includes and content views.

  • Content editors create and edit pages, page variants, components, includes and content views. As opposed to content managers, they cannot, however, create, manage or delete page templates and component templates.

  • Content viewers can just view content assets.

  • Content preference managers can configure settings that impact the content management area.

CAUTION: Be aware that the content assets, their possible configurations, interactions with the Intershop Commerce Management system, etc. are defined by their corresponding types, which must be created upon system development in Intershop Studio. Once the system is deployed, i.e., on runtime, content managers or content editors make use of the implemented functionality.

The following sections give a rough overview of the main tasks content management users can perform in Intershop Commerce Management: