Viewing Changed Products

The product change tracking records changes applied to products in accessible source repositories. The comparison can take into account all products in a source repository or only those which serve as source products for derived products in the channel repository.
Note: The product change tracking does not compare source products and derived products. For details about how to obtain such a comparison, see Viewing Product Change Details.

To view the product change tracking:

  1. Select the intended channel from the context selection box, then select Mass Data Tasks | Product Syndication.
    This displays the Syndication & Synchronization overview page.
  2. Select Change Tracking.
    This displays a list of all deleted channel products.
  3. Change to the Added Products, Updated Product, or Deleted Products tab.
  4. Filter by date or user and click Find. In addition, you can limit the search scope to source products for which derived products exist in the channel repository.
Note: The product history must be activated. For details about how to activate the product history, see Activating Product History.