Synchronizing Product Changes Automatically

Besides manual synchronization, this task can also be triggered via a batch process.
Note: Depending on the type and the configuration of the Intershop Commerce Management system and the amount of data to be changed, a bulk operation (e.g., batch processes, import & export processes, audit reports) may cause negative effects on the system performance or the data consistency. Contact your Intershop Commerce Management system administrator before triggering such a bulk operation.
  1. Select the intended channel from the context selection box, then select Mass Data Tasks | Product Syndication.
    This displays the Syndication & Synchronization overview page.
  2. Select Synchronization.
    The Synchronize Products dialog displays a list of all source repositories from which the products in the current repository were derived. The view shows for each repository how many products have changed.
  3. Select the source repositories from which you intend to synchronize changes.
  4. In the Schedule column, select the synchronization interval, then click Apply.