Editing Stop Words

There are two types of stop words:
  • Indexing Stop Words

    Indexing stop words are not indexed and thus, cannot be retrieved upon searching.

  • Query Stop Words

    Query stop words are additional stop words that are evaluated during the query execution and, consequently, omitted upon searching.

To define stop words:

  1. Select the management context from the context selection box, then select Mass Data Tasks | Search Indexes.
    This displays a list of all search indexes for the selected management context.
  2. Click the name of the search index you intend to edit.
    This displays the Search Index detail view for the selected index.
  3. Change to the Stop Words tab.
    This tab lists the stop words for the current search index.
  4. Specify the indexing and/or query stop words as required.
    Separate multiple stop words by spaces.
  5. Click Apply to save your settings.
    Otherwise, click Reset to discard your changes.