Viewing Order Details and Line Item Details

To view order and line item details:
  1. Locate the order you want to view.
    For details, see Viewing Orders or Searching Orders.
  2. Click the ID of the intended order.
    This opens the Order Detail view.
  3. View the order details on the General tab.
    The General tab summarizes the following data:
    • Order summary, including the customer data and shipping data

      Note: For orders of business customers, the customer data additionally include company name, username, taxation ID and other information if available.
    • Fulfillment state

    • Payment method and state, allows for opening the payment details

    • Order/item total, promotion total, additional surcharges (taxes, duties, etc.)

    • Shipping details, grouped by shipping address and shipping bucket, includes the order line items

  4. To view the details of a line item, click Details in the row of the corresponding line item.
    This opens the order line item detail view, displaying the following data:
    • General product information

    • Product attributes

    • Packaging and pricing

    • Warranties

    • Shipping costs

    • Item surcharges

    • Item promotions

    • Gifting

    Clicking Back returns you to the Order Detail view.